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Mommy's Little Monster (1982)

Social Distortion

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Mommy's Little Monster Lyrics

mommy's little monster droped out of school
mommy's little monster broke all the rules
he loves to go out drinking with the boys
he loves to go out and make some noise
he doesn't wanna be doctor
or a lawyer gettin' fat and rich
he's 20 years old and he's quit his job
unemployement pays his rent

his brothers and sisters have tasted sweet success
his parents condemn him say his life's a mess

he's mommys little monster
he's not afraid to admit
mommys little monster dont wake him in a fit

mommy's little monster shoots methadrine
mommy's little monster had sex at 15
she left home for the streets
she couldn't deal with all the heat
she has fun with the boys in the band
in her eyes it'll never end
her dad asked what happened to her face
it could have happened at any place

her eyes are a deeper blue
she likes her hair that color too
she can even wear a dress
but that doesnt mean she'll ever confess

she mommy's litle monster
she mommy's little monster
she mommy's little monster
dont take her life away